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Shavuot Programs and Services 5783

Explore the Book of Ruth with Rabbi Borodin
Wednesdays, May 3, 10 and 17 from 7:30-9:00pm

It is traditional to read the book of Ruth on Shavuot. Prepare for Shavuot and have fun learning the book of Ruth. 
Our first two weeks of class will be focused on traditional and modern Jewish interpretations of the book of Ruth, with a literary and thematic read of the text. Our third class will be a creative exploration of the book using both visual arts and movement and intended for both non-artists and artists alike. 
Great if you can come to all three classes and happy to have you for one or two also. 
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Family Learning and Cheesecake Tasting + Teen Cooking for Shavuot
Thursday, May 25th

Attention 2nd-6th graders and your families: 
Join us for a special family learning and cheesecake tasting from 7:30-8:30pm.

Attention Teens:
Join us for a Teen cooking program from 9:15-10:15pm (teens are also welcome at all the adult sessions)

"Each and every day, Torah is as beloved by those who learn it as the day it was given at Mount Sinai."  - BT Berakhot 63b

Join us as Beth Shalom members share a beloved text of theirs, and through that access a wide breadth of Torah.  Leil shavuot Tikkun learning from 7:30pm to 1am, with a new class and sharing of a beloved text every half hour and a break for Maariv and Cheesecake contest at 8:30pm.  Come for as many or as few sessions as you like!

Teachers include: Nance Adler, Reuven Betzalel, Rabbi Borodin, Colin Coltrera, Gus Feliu, Rabbi Fern Feldman, Beth Huppin, Tamar Libicki, Joshua Newman, Rabbi Rose, Alison Sands, Norbert Sorg, Rachel Wachtel.

Shavuot Learning Schedule

Thursday,  May 25th

  Social Hall Sanctuary Beit Midrash
7:30pm Adult Session 1A: Beth Huppin, "A Redemptive Torah of Love Emerges from a Welcoming Community"* Adult Session 1B: Gus Feliu, "Genesis 18 and Recognition of the Divine" 2nd-6th grade families:
Learning on "Machloket l’shem shamayim (Avot 5:13)" from7:30-8:15pm). Cheesecake from 8:15-8:30pm 
8:00pm Adult Session 1B: Beth Huppin, "A Redemptive Torah of Love Emerges from a Welcoming Community"* Adult session 2B:
Alison Sands
, "Let them make me a sanctuary/mishkan that I may dwell within them.
8:30pm Maariv, Kiddush, Cheesecake
9:15pm Teen Cooking Adult Session 3A: Tamar Libicki, Psalm 34 Adult Session 3B: Joshua Newman
9:45pm Adult Session 4A: Nance Adler, "The Power of Authenticity" Adult Session 4B: Norbert Sorg, "Whose Covenant"
10:15pm Adult Session 5: Rabbi Rose, "Mundane Blessings" (Berakhot 60b)    
10:45pm Short Break
11:00pm     Adult Session 6: Rachel Wachtel, "What does fish have to do with Jewish Education"
11:30pm Adult Session 7: Colin Coltrera, "Midrashim on Miriam the Prophetess"
12:00am Adult Session 8: Reuven Betzalel
12:30am Adult Session 9: Rabbi Fern Feldman, "Ezekiel 1 as Spiritual Practice: The storm wind, huge cloud, flashing fire, radiance and amber"

More learning on Saturday, 5/27.  See below.

* Please note that the 7:30 PM & 8 PM sessions with Beth Huppin will be the same material. Please choose to attend one - not both.

Shavuot Day 1 (in person and livestream)
Friday, 5/26 from 9:30am-12:30pm

Services followed by Kiddush lunch.

Shavuot Day 2 (in person and livestream)
Saturday, 5/27 from 9:30am-12:30pm

Services followed by Kiddush lunch and more learning!

  • 1pm: Rabbi Borodin, "Intention Setting from the Talmudic Sages"
  • 1:30pm: Carl Sayres, "Reading Genesis from the perspective of disability. What disabilities do we find in the characters of Genesis?"
Thu, June 8 2023 19 Sivan 5783