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Sign up to let us know you'll be joining us for Passover services!

For security reasons we request that all guests, nonmembers, and newcomers to Beth Shalom notify us in advance that they will be attending Passover Yom Tov services. 

IMPORTANT: This form is a sign-up for services ONLY.
It is NOT a sign-up for a community seder or seder matching.

Beth Shalom does not host a community seder. If you are in need of a seder, please contact the front office.

If you have difficulty registering and would like help, contact the front desk at
or 206-524-0075
Have you been affiliated with another Jewish institution or synagogue in the past? If so please let us know where it was located and the years of your involvement.
(Example: Beth Sholom in Boulder, CO. member from 2009-2014)

If this question does not apply to you, simply put n/a.
Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784