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LEGACY GIVING – Shomrei Atid


Shomrei AtidGuardians of the Future, are Beth Shalom members like you who want to ensure that our exceptional community endures long into the future. Shomrei Atid are members who formalize their commitment to Beth Shalom through legacy giving and connect with each other in a common cause: to safeguard the long term vitality and stability of our congregation so that Beth Shalom will be here to support our community and instill our values in to the many generations to come.

Join Shomrei Atid with a legacy gift or bequest and “plant trees”  for the generations that follow us!

Be remembered forever in the Beth Shalom community with a gift in your will, trust, retirement account or life insurance policy.

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If you’re interested in joining Shomrei Atid, please print and fill out the below Letter of Intent and mail or email it back to Beth Shalom.

Letter of Intent 

For more information on joining Shomrei Atid and Legacy Giving, please contact our synagogue director.


Shomrei Atid FAQ

What Is Planned Giving?
Typically, we give money from our current funds for the synagogue’s current needs. With planned giving, we give deferred gifts from future funds to ensure our synagogue’s long term financial health.

Why should you give?
Beth Shalom is a special place, different than anywhere else.  We are a spiritual center, a Religious School, an Adult learning center,  an Early Childhood Center,  and a very active Jewish Community.  We love to sing, and to pray. Congregation Beth Shalom is a place without judgement.  It is a place to learn, learn about yourself, and learn to what it is to be a Jew.  Pre-B’nai Mitzvah students learn from  Post-B’nai Mitzvah students, and then the process begins again. We want Judaism to be exciting, comforting, familiar, and to last lifetimes.

What is Shomrei Atid?
Shomrei Atid is a group of Beth Shalom members who wish to formalize now their commitment to making a future gift to the synagogue through planned giving. It is a way for our members to connect with each other in a common cause: to ensure the long term vitality and stability of our congregation. By joining Shomrei Atid, each of us shows ourselves and others that we too want to “plant trees” for the generations that follow us.

Who can join Shomrei Atid?
Everyone and anyone wishing to make a planned gift! We often think that only rich people can make a bequest to charity in their will or name a charity as a beneficiary of an investment or life insurance policy. That is simply not true. Many of us wish we could pay higher dues or donate more to Beth Shalom, but just can’t afford it right now. Planned giving is a way to make those donations later.

A planned gift is often the single biggest gift that an individual or family can make to their synagogue. Planned giving is a way to express your charitable desires now by leaving funds in the future. And for those with greater assets, it can provide tax benefits both now and in the future.

Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784