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Donation Funds

Below is a list of the different funds at Congregation Beth Shalom. When making a donation, you may indicate which fund you would like to donate to on the payment page.

Main Funds:

General Operating Fund – supports Beth Shalom’s general operations.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund – used to support Beth Shalom members and friends in financial need, and helps support our youth participation at camp, Israel trips and youth group retreats. This fund also helps support some of the social services and social justice partner organizations to Beth Shalom


Specific Funds:

Adult Education Fund – provides for scholarships for Adult Education classes and funds special programs.

Atid – helps to fund the associate rabbi position.

Building Fund – used for maintenance and upkeep of the synagogue building.

Camp Scholarship Fund – used to provide scholarships for kids who would otherwise be unable to attend Jewish summer camp.

Cemetery Fund – used for upkeep of the Beth Shalom cemetery, as well as to provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford funeral costs.

ECC Fund – used to support the Early Childhood Center.

Edward and Marilyn Bierman Scholar-in-Residence Endowment Fund – used to finance the yearly Scholar-in-Residence program.

Ernest Stiefel Leadership Development Fund – used to support conferences and training of current and aspiring community leaders.

Israel Travel Fund – provides financial support for those making a trip to Israel

Jill Cohen & Rik Katz Hospitality Fund – used to support Beth Shalom’s commitment to a welcoming community

Joey Wes Children’s Library Fund – used to help procure books for our children’s library

Joshua Leadership Fund – provides specialized training for Beth Shalom leaders and teachers.

Kiddush Fund – supports community lunches on Shabbat

Kitchen Fund – used for maintenance and supplies for the CBS Kitchen

Landscape Fund – used for maintenance and upkeep of the synagogue grounds.

Library Fund – used to help procure books for the main synagogue library.

Marcy Migdal Endowment Fund – supports special education training for Beth Shalom’s teachers and Ozerim.

Mitzvah Corps Fund – provides funds for the Mitzvah Corps

Prayerbook Fund – used to secure new or specialized prayerbooks.

Religious School Fund – used for Religious School scholarships

Social Action Fund – used to support Beth Shalom’s efforts to facilitate social change

Youth Scholarship Fund – provides scholarships for youth programs.


Other Funds:

50th Anniversary Fund – begun as part of a fundraiser in honor of CBS’ 50th anniversary, this fund will continue to support Beth Shalom for the next 50 years.


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