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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly does the Mitzvah Corps do? 

A. We provide meals for congregants who are ill, injured, or recovering from surgery; and for parents welcoming new children through birth, adoption, or fostering.  We provide occasional rides to medical appointments for members who are ill, injured, or recovering from surgery.  We provide support for mourners: meals, leading shiva minyan services, and helping to host minyans.  

Q: What kind of commitment is it? 

A: It’s your choice when and how often to volunteer. With enough participants the impact on each volunteer is less.  

Q: If it’s a meal, how will I know what and how much to bring? 

A: The email requesting help and the linked Take Them a Meal sign-up sheet provide details on family size, dietary restrictions, etc. You won’t have to cook in the dark! 

Q: What if I can cook only part of a meal? 

A: You are free to ask a fellow congregant or two to share the work.  Also, if you don't have time to cook but would like to send a meal, you can order one and have it delivered or you can send a gift card. 

Q: What if I’ve never done this before and am nervous about just diving in? 

A: Contact the Mitzvah Corps chairs and they will help you with your questions. This includes guidance on making a meal as well as hosting an in-person or virtual shiva minyan. 

Q: What if it’s not in my budget to make meals for Mitzvah Corps? 

A: CBS will reimburse you. The process is outlined in the volunteer requests. 

Q: Will this system apply to requests for shiva minyan service leaders? 

A: No. We recognize that this requires specific knowledge and experience. However, if you have those skills and would like to be on the shiva service leader list, we would love to add your name. Please email the chairs at  

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